"..send me your embassies which I much desire from a brother. I do not wish for Ambassadors from the Moorish Kings, they do not hold me as a friend on account of the faith, but much profit accrues to them and they take away from my Kingdom much gold, of which they are great friends, and of me little; and if I omit to make war upon them, and to destroy them, it is in order not to destroy the holy house of Jerusalem, in which is the tomb of Eyesus Kristos, which God had left in the possesion of the vile Moors".
(Emperor Lebna Dengel)

Lebna Dengel's plan to establish friendship and communication with Christian countries was not merely for the protection of his country, but also to protect the holy land in which the tomb of our Lord Eyesus Kristos is. He was saddened by the fact that many churches in Egypt, Nubia, and Syria were destroyed by the Moors.
(Abba Yesehaq)