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THE DAILY GLEANER. FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 1979: The Black Lion Bakery of the Ethiopian Orthodox Community Development Project has received a van as a donation from the Bob Marley and the Wailers Movement of Jah People Organization.

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The van was officially handed over to Archbishop Yesehaq by Diane Jobson on May 14 at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, 89 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13. The Bakery Project was started early in 1977 by some members of the church through the direction and supervision of Archbishop Yesehaq then Abba L. M. Mandefro.

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It was seen as a means of alleviating not only the unemployment problem, but the grave food shortage in the general area through the initiative of the church. As a result, the church through fund-raising managed to erect a shed and a brick oven on the same site as the modern furniture workshop, another project started by members for which the church is now providing sponsorship.

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Bread present, the bakery which is situated at Haile Selassie Drive, Kingston 13 provides employment for 30 workers on a regular basis. It supplies 3,000 to 4,000 loaves per week. The bread is sold to poor communities at reasonable prices.

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