In most black churches today we see the traditional pictures that are painted of Christ through western eyes; thus a black child would find it very difficult, if not impossible, to identify himself with such an image. This is also against the philosophy of Marcus Garvey who rejected the concept of God as white and recognized that "God has no colour". Garvey teaches the black man to see beauty in himself, "...It is natural to see God through one's own spectacles. White people have seen God as white; it is proper therefore for blacks to believe in the God of Ethiopia." (Abba Yesehaq)

Battle of Adowa
The Egyptian Coptic Church, which today appears to be the Mother Church, derived its civilization and religion from Ethiopia. The country itself was a colony of Ethiopia. Geographically speaking at the beginning of the world Egypt was not a part of the continent but a sea. Later it was formed and made land from the mud carried down from Ethiopia by the river Nile.