The Journey

The Journey of the Soul The Journey of the Soul The Journey of the Soul

Since the begining of creation, from the time of Adam and Eve (Hewan) and the time of the Fathers and Saints, the Principles of Marriage has been greatly honoured and it has been recorded and respected in both Old and New Testament. It is not something that is new, but an on-going principle. All Christians should respect the Principle of Marriage and keep its regulations and must live in faith of our Lord Eyesus Kristos.

Where were you? Who were you? What have you done? What have you created? and what donation [to the poor] have you made?". The condemned soul replies thus: "Oh my Lord, I thought I would die and end up being dirt and soil on earth. Had I known that I would rise from the dead and face these sufferings, I would have [done good] even if I had to cut my body into pieces and give it to another person or feed it to the birds".

"...Why haven't you done at least one of the three?". The condemned soul will have no answer..... [Geez sentence]. God will say to the condemned soul: "I gave you eyes to see, ears to hear, teachers to teach you, books to learn, church to pray as I have given the righteous, why have you then failed?"

The condemned soul will curse the day she was born saying "...I wish I was not born, I wish I was not created, I wish I became water in my mother's womb and I wish even my mother was never born". After that, God will tell the angels of light: "..This soul has come prefering Satan to me and hell to heaven, Take and show her heaven for seven days and return her to hell where she will stay until I rejoin her with her body and throw her in the everlasting fire in hell.".

The angels of light will take her on a seven day visit of heaven. They do this to show her how she has missed and to make her regret. On the eighth day, the angels of darkness will take the condemned soul like a cattle being taken to the slaughterhouse.

[When they arrive at the gates of hell], they will call Tibliacos who is the guard at the gate of hell, and will tell him to take the soul. Tibliacos will take the condemned soul from the angels of darkness and will bounce her thirteen times from earth to the sky on a pan of fire like a child who plays with a bouncing ball. The meaning of bouncing her thirteen times on the pan of fire is to remind her that she heard but did not cry for the thirteen pains of the cross which Eyesus had suffered on Good Friday.

When the pain is too much, the soul will beg for for a rest in the name of the Holy Trinity. But they will increase her pain and suffering saying that she should have remembered the Holy Trinity before and held feast in their name. When the pain becomes too much, she will again beg in the name of the holy and righteous, to be given a small rest.

They will increase the pain saying again that she should have remembered the holy and righteous before. For the third time the condemned soul will say" the name of the Saviour on the cross, please give some rest." The will say to her that she should have known the Saviour on the Cross and done good in his name, and will further increase increase her pain and suffering.

For the fourth time, the condemned soul will beg for rest in the name of the Virgin Mary. When they were about to increase her pain as before after saying that she should have known the Virgin Mary before and done good in her name, the Virgin Mary who hears when ever her name is called, will quickly go to God and kneeling befor Him, says: "..My son as You have promised to save whoever calls my name, please save this soul [who calls my name] too.".

God will say to Mary, "...This is a soul who has betrayed me and wronged you, she is a rebel a soul which has commited murder, how can I save her?" Mary will say to him: "You have promised to save anyone who calls my name... and this soul is calling my name from hell"

Since a Mother's mediation is respected, God will order for a small relief to be given to the condemned soul in His Mother's name. ....After giving the soul a small relief for the sake of the Virgin Mary, they will again take her hitting with a hammer of fire and throw her to hell. This is the place of a condemned soul until the coming [of Christ].

Whoever wants to know, hell is located in the West where the sun sets; Further, the meaning of hell is a bottomless pit. The meaning of fire of hell is a place of fire and darkness which has nothing to stand on or nothing to look at. It is a place which swallows everything that goes into it, a place of suffering and pain. The meaning of Diablos is filth and foul. Satan means he who is fallen, humiliated, whose honour has been taken away, jealous and mischevious. The angels of darkness means the representatives of darkeness, the authorities of malevolence. The suffering of a condemned soul is like this. May God save us from this, Amen.

The Good Soul

Believing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit we shall briefly write about the reception for a holy man's soul as she travels on the journey to Zion.

The Lord Eyesus Kristos has ordered to learn religion and to do good while in this world. He said this, because as one returns to his house at the end of a day so shall one return to earth when he dies, then shall one be questioned before God.

Every person will die either by accident or from sickness. When he is dying, if he is a holy man, the angels of light will descend to stand on the right and the left side [of the dying person] even before the soul separates from the body. They will find the Holy man's soul wearing a dress made of light, wearing a crown made of light, wearing a shoe made of light, holding a stand made of light, shining seven times more than the sun, being seven times more frightening than thunder, and completely resembling, Eyesus Kristos the Saviour in her grace. She will burn the angels of darkness like a fire, and reflect on them like the sun. They will be afraid of her, run and stand away from her.

They [the angels of darkness] will call from a distance to ask her thus:

"...who do you believe in? Who do you worship? Have you learned the one and three nature of the Trinity, their depth, width and distance? Have you learned the coming of the Lord, his birth, His being the Son of the Father and Mariam, his suffering, crucifixion, the five secrets and thirteen pains of the cross? Have you received the guest of God and observed the Sabbath [Sunday]?"

And the Holy man's soul will tell them in pride that she had done and learned all about those and that she has never before seen a foul creature like the angels of darkness. When the angels of darkness realize that the soul does not belong to them, they will go away saying that " have inherited the heaven which we have lost". [This sentence is in Geez language which I cannot translate]. And the angels of light will bring flowers of perfume from heaven to her. They will stand by her side and ask her. They will ask her thus: "...In whom do you trust? Whom do you worship? Do you know the one and three nature of the Trinity? The comimg of the Lord and His birth from God the Father and Mariam, His suffering and death on the cross?" And since the soul of a Holy man's word is a word of truth she will answer them [affirmative]