The Good Soul continued

The Journey of the Soul The Journey of the Soul The Journey of the Soul

They will ask her again if she had learned the five secrets of the cross, the thirteen pains of the cross and if she observed Sunday and received the guest of God. She will answer them that, yes, she has done all they ordered her to do. She tells them that she recognizes them as her friends and relatives. She recognizes them as friends and relatives because, she was giving thanks to her Creator the Lord, ascending and descending from heaven on the side of the angels of light while she was still alive on earth. After the angels of light finish examining her, they will tell her that they know her and that they asked her those questions only to hear the answers from her word.

[Geez sentence]. After that the Lord surrounded by thousands of angels, holy souls, saints, virgins and monks will descend to reward her and honour her for her deeds. After this he will acsend to the heavens of heaven. The Divine Lord does not have to ascend and descend but he does that for our respect and because of the human flesh he wore.

After that, the angel of death with his likness of light and grace will be sent to the soul of the holy man.

He is seen for her in this way so she won't be [afraid]. When the angels of light put the flower of perfume which they brought from heaven on the nose of a dying man, he soul separates from his body.... After that, the angels of light, surrounding the holy man's soul, from back, front, left and right and singing and praising the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit, will take her to the Lord. [Geez sentence]. When the Soul is being taken by the angels of light, the angels of darkeness will follow her [from a distance] until they reach at the ocean of fire [because they do not give up until they are ordered by the Lord to do so].

The ocean of fire is located between the tefer (the space) and hanos (deep space) [black hole?] The size of the ocean of fire is equal to the earth. Its right side is fire, it's left side is ocean and it's inside is a cliff [bottomless pit?] At the center of it, there is a road narrower than a thread.

It is only the foot of a soul that can stand on this road, it is too small and narrow for the foot of a flesh (living person) to stand. The holy person's religion and good work [in this world] will become wings to his soul and help her pass across the narrow road. The angels of light will also put her on their wings and take her across the road. As the holy man's soul passes on the road, she will look down and ask the angels of light what the fire, ocean and cliff below the road is. They will tell her that it is the place through which those who have not done good and have not learned religion while they were alive must burn and suffer to pass.

When hearing this, the holy man's soul feels sorry for those who are still alive and who do not know what is waiting for them if he does not do good and learn religion. [Geez sentence] After passing over the narrow road, the holy man's soul will travel like a happy bride in this world to meet her creator. Her creator will prepare a place and spiritual food and drink for her as parents in this world do for their children, and wait for her. When the happy soul arrives at the presence of the Lord, she will bow. [Geez sentences]. After that the Lord will ask her. If it is the soul of a man, he will not ask her about [her field work in this world]. And if it is a soul of a woman, he will not ask her about [her household work in this world].

But he will ask her in whom she believes, whom she worships, whether she [the soul] knows His one and three natures, His birth from the Father and Mariam, his sufferings on the cross, the five pillars of secret and the thirteen pains of the cross. The soul answers the question of the Lord [affirmitively]

After that, as the word the Lord is truth, he will call the angels of light and tell them that the soul is the soul of a Christian who deserves a place in heaven.

He will tell them to take her and show her heaven for four days, show her hell for three days and return her to the Garden of Eden to stay with other Holy Souls until he reunites her with her flesh and reward her heaven. After that, the angels of light will take the soul and for three days [sic], they will show her the happy place of holy souls and heaven.... They will also take her to hell to show her [how condemned souls live and eternally suffer from] the crown of fire, the thorn of fire, the fire snake, the fire lion, the fire tiger.... [Geez sentence].

After that, they will show her the places of saints, virgins, monks, [and all the different places reserved for good people] and will take her to the Garden of Eden where she will live with other holy souls. The Garden of Eden is located in the east or from where the Sun rises. On it's four sides are four mountains. Between the four mountains four rivers flow to her.

The first river is the Nile. Grapes flow in this river. It collects all the waters from the rivers between Ethiopia and Egypt and goes to nourish the Garden of Eden. After that it flows to Jericho.

The second river is Effeson and milk flows flows from this river. And this river takes all the waters from the rivers in India, flows to nourish the Garden of Eden and returns to the ocean.

The third river is Tegros and honey flows from it. It will take all the waters of the rivers in the country of Yonanlan to the Garden of Eden and returns to the sea of Eritrea [Red Sea].

The fourth river, Efratis, is oil. It takes all the waters from Europe, Persia and Babylon to the Garden of Eden and returns to the sea of Eritrea [Red Sea].

The holy souls in the Garden of Eden live by the smell from these four rivers without drinking and eating. Returning to what we began, that good soul will live in such a way in happiness in the Garden of Eden until the Second Coming of the Lord. After that she will inherit heaven. Heaven is located between Eyoar and the sky. What is called Heaven is Jerusalem. It is Heavenly [Jerusalem].

It was the city of Lucifer [Satan] before he was disgraced and expelled from it. After that, the Lord who created Adam in the place of Lucifer, has given heaven to Adam and his children. And briefly, this is what the fate of a good person's soul is. May the Almighty God give us this honour, Amen

Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Church New York - 1984 : Abba Yesehaq-Messenger sent by His Imperial Majesty