Abba Yesehaq

The half which has never been told

Ethiopia & Egypt

In the beginning of the brilliant era of the Egyptians in the 4th Dynasty was the true Ethiopian Pharaoh Khufu,
builder of the great Pyramid and the temple of Isis. (Baldwin, Prehistoric Nation)

Abba Yesehaq


"...Wether they are orthodox or not I am responsible."

Amenemhet I who established the Twelfth Dynasty is also mentioned as a great Ethiopian leader of the Middle Kingdom. It was said that Theban glory began during this Monarch’s reign. After him Amenemhat II, Usrtesen I, and Amenenhet III were Ethiopian Pharaohs.

In Dynasty XVIII (1575- 1562 B.C) Thothmes I was an outstanding King.

He was the first of a long line of conquering Pharaohs. After him Thothmes III is mentioned. During his 54-year reign Egypt became the center of Trade and Commerce. Thothmes III’s domain extended over Syria, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Armenia, Nubia etc., he was a builder.