Abba Yesehaq Speaks

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Against You...

Your Majesty, history and future generations will not have anything against you because , for your country's independence, you have served as a military commander where force was applicable, without even caring for your life; and when that apparently failed, you litigated for the freedom of your people, in a foreign country, before world leaders. However, no matter how hard a person works and thinks, no one can accomplish whatever he plans unless it is consistent with God's will. Accordingly, although Your Majesty has brought the matter to it's present stage, there is nothing left that You Majesty can do since the time of God's forgiveness has not yet arrived. Please take care of yourself. Do not be worried and saddened too much. Whatever the circumstance, we will not give up trusting in God. We beg Your Majesty not to become so aggrieved and so indignant that it may hurt you. Please remain calm and patient so that hope for Ethiopia will not vanish completely.


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