Abba Yesehaq Speaks

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The enemy went as far as Gurage, where His Excellency Dejazmatch Balcha lived, and campaigned against him The people betrayed him, and all his men were annihilated. He and two of his servants, three people all together, were surrounded A white man came to him and asked; "..are you Dejazmatch Balcha?" When he said yes I am, the white man said "..surrender your arms and" "untie your pistol [belt]" Dejazmatch Balcha said "..I am not here to surrender my arms", and he killed the white man then, he and his two servants died instantly without having much suffering His Excellency Fitawrari Shimelis also died after a day longbattle


Abba Yesehaq speaks

in Jamaica 89 Maxfield Avenue

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