Abba Yesehaq Speaks

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Major General Sir Philip Mitchell the Chief Political Officer in the British Forces High Command arrived in , Addis Abeba in Genbot 1933 [June 1941]. He came to Addis Abeba on his way to London for discussions with his government about the administration of Ethiopia. We exchanged views but failed to agree on certain matters. We also expressed our disagreement with the ideas he suggested. We feared that he might influence and possibly distort the attitude of his government and, for this reason, We asked him to present the following six ideas to his government; that London assist Ethiopia to establish her own military forces as soon as possible and to find solutions to Our current financial problems and advisors for the Ministeries of Finance and Justice; help set up a permanent provincial administration; determine the amount of money Ethiopia had to pay for expenses incurred in the operation to drive the aggressors out; and, finally, sign a Treaty with Us.


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