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The Good Shepherd speech

Entering the National Arena

01 — in the West

The Establishment of the Church in the West was the outgrowth of different groups...


02 — Harmony

of zealous followers of the Ancient Ethiopian Faith. Before this historic founding of...

Day of Waldorf

03 — Constant

the Church in the West, constant contact was kept up between groups here and in Ethiopia.


04 — Direct

This direct contact with the Mother Church
was in operation long before Ethiopian Church
could elect it's own Patriarchs....



However, when, when the late Patriarch, His Holiness Abuna Basilos mounted the Spiritual Throne of the Church.

he corresponded directly with certain members of various groups who found it difficult to have a link with any other church. They were led by Father John the divine, an American born, who was not officially ordained, but was African minded. A promise was made by the Mother Church to set up a branch here in the West at the most opportune time.



The school is one institution which has the power to influence the life of man.

Today there are many schools and universities in Africa and elsewhere, established or headed by black people, yet when one thinks deeeply about it...



the black child has nothing to grasp as their curriculum is originated after the western perceptions.

There are many churches and church organizations which are established and administered by black ministers and followed by black congregations, but none of them are relevant to the life of the black people as they are structured after the pattern and life-style of the European communities.



In most black churches today we see the traditional pictures that are painted of Christ through western eyes.

thus a black child would find it difficult if not impossible, to identify himself with such an image. This is also against the philosophy of Marcus Garvey who rejected the concept of God as white and recongnized that "God has no colour..."