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On one of his trips to South Africa, Abba Yesehaq carried his booklet he wrote entitled South Africa Land of Martyrs and gave about 200 copies to the members to strenthen them. After that on a later trip to his diocese in South Africa, the church members arranged for His Eminence to visit President Nelson Mandela at his residence. President Mandela recieved His Eminence with great honour.

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  • Nile's Source

    Lake Tana in Ethiopia
  • Roman & Greek Gods

    Ethiopian Kings & Queens
  • Queen of Sheba

    Queen Makeda of Tigre
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He then surprised Abba by bringing out this special booklet about South Africa written By Abba Yesehaq, from his personal selected book collection on his shelf. President Mandela thanked Abba Yesehaq for his prayers and for publishing the booklet. President Mandela said to Abba that he read the booklet many times as a prayer book when he was in prison on Robben Island and it had given him great courage and hope.

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  • Berbera

    Meroe - Upper Nubia
  • Indranikos (Indrana)

    called god of the Hindu and King of Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Kings of India

    Deva & Nahusha (Nahusanay)
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In 1987 when Peter Tosh (Wolde Semayat) died The Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Jamaica officiated at the funeral, the brothers in South Africa saw the funeral on television and then contacted the church in Jamaica.

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  • Egypt

    Circumcision introduced from Ethiopia 3400 B.C
  • Ethiopian Pharaohs of Egypt

    Pharaoh Khufu
  • Twelfth Dynasty

    Amenemhet I - Began Theban Glory
  • Baldwin (Prehistoric Nation)

    Amenemhat II & Usrtesen I


Abba Yesehaq responded and went to South Africa begining in 1988 before Apartheid was over and taught the people in Port Elizabeth, South Africa the Tewahedo Faith. He ordained preists and established the church there before Apartheid was outlawed. The people said that if the church had not come; Aparthied would not have ended.

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  • Dynasty XVIII 1575-62 B.C

    Thothmes I
  • Center of Trade

    Thothmes III 54 year reign
  • Thothmes III domain

    Syria, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Armenia, Nubia
  • Amenhotep II

    Captured Nineveh