His Eminence Abuna Yesehaq Mandefro




Guiding Light

Father Mandefro emphasized the importance of a close relationship between Church and State. He said that it was essential that Government work closely with the Church “… because the church is the people and the people the church and the government is of the people.”

Emperor Haile Selassie 1rst

In welcoming Archimandrite Mandefro Mr. Manley said that his presence symbolized two things, which he regarded of significance to Jamaica – the new dialogue between Africa and Jamaica, and the development of closer relations between church and state. The Prime Minister said that he genuinely believed that any government that denied itself to spiritual advice impoverished itself by this denial. He continued to say that one of the greatest experiences he ever had was three years ago when as Leader of the Opposition he was received in audience by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie.

Marcus Garvey

"...Even the church here itself it was established through his desire. We: He said, worship our God; through the Eyes of Ethiopia, and so we have it here now."
(Abba Yesehaq)

Abba Yesehaq Mandefro

"....It is the responsibility of the church leaders to work in unity for the growing religious life of churches, and this must be done without trying to convert others from that which they remain attached, because such ideas bring conflicts among nations. We have seen the great fighting between the Romans and the Ethiopians. Revolt after revolt broke out, when the Roman Christians attempted to to bring the Ethiopian Christians under the Pope of Rome."
(The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church And It's Activities in the West - Nation which has been the Fountainhead of Civilization,
Abba L. Mandefro p.32 ©1971)

The African Story

Ancient historical books of India states that civilization came to India from Ethiopia before it came to Egypt, and these ancient books mention the names of old Cushite Kings that were worshipped in India. Indranikos (Indrana) was called god of the Hindu and King of Ethiopia. After Him, Deva and Nahusha (Nahusanay) is mentioned.
** Persia, Jusiana, Media and Aria the whole territory between the Indus and Tigris was under the Cushite Kingdom. In Africa, the Ethiopians, The Egyptians and Libyans, the Cananites and Phoenicians were all descendants of Ham. They where the pioneers of today's civilization and culture.

Abba Yesehaq

"..Brethren, the Mother Church of ETHIOPIA is not unmindful of your sincere devotion in the past to The ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH. and to the deepest spiritual concern of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I Defender of our Faith, and your concern in the Ethiopian World Federation.I am sure the Mother Church in Ethiopia; can count on you as true Christian Soldiers, who will stand fast and help to carry forward the doctrine of Our SAVIOUR, which is needed so much in our world today."

Church in Holy Land